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Locally Grown Non-GMO Fruits & Vegetables

All of the fruits and vegetables in Open Farm’s recipes are GMO-free and, where possible, sourced from local farmers. Our farms all comply with “Good Agriculture Practices”, and must undergo GAP audits on a regular basis. Sourcing fresh, local produce allows us to provide the best fruits and vegetables for your pet, while supporting local businesses and minimizing our environmental footprint. We source over 80% of our fruits and veggies in-state or from a neighboring state, maximizing freshness and minimizing trucking time. Find out where the fruits and veggies in your bag of Open Farm come from by using our traceability feature.

Clean Ingredients From a Happy Place GMO Free Fruits & Veggies
>80% Grown In-State or Neighboring State Family Farms With Sustainable Practices

Naturally Raised Farm Animals

We believe in supporting farmers who respect the land and animals under their care, and work exclusively with family farms that follow humane and ethical practices. We partner with farmers that take great care and pride in their craft, and caring means quality ingredients and a more nutritious food for your pet. Together we can evolve toward a model where family farmers are rewarded and companies employing factory farming practices are incentivized to change.

The best ingredients are grown and raised by farmers who repsect the land they call home. The best ingredients are grown and raised by farmers who repsect the land they call home
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