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Open Farm Success Stories: Remy

remy's story:


"Remy is an 8 year old standard poodle from Connecticut. Throughout his life, he has experienced serious digestion and stomach issues. We tried all different kinds of diets and veterinarian recommended foods to no avail. He reluctantly ate them and it didn't solve his issues. While visiting Wags pet store in Avon, Connecticut we met Open Farm representative Leah. After discussing  Remy’s health issues, she recommended he try Open Farm. Since making the switch he has been frolicking like a puppy. The stomach issues ended and he is extremely happy. He loves all three flavors equally well! We feel good about having Remy eat a natural product with such great results. Open Farm has made such an amazing difference to Remy's health."


-Dan M, New York, NY 


The Open Farm Team Animal lovers and advocates keeping you in the loop about all things pet @openfarmpet

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