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Truth About Pet Food: Open Farm Made The List! is a site run by pet food safety advocate Susan Thixton, an animal lover who has devoted her life to researching and demanding higher standards from the pet food industry. As she uncovered the truth behind the misleading advertisements that mask the real ingredients in some brand name pet foods--diseased meat, pesticides, dyes, and more--she used as a platform to educate the public.


Thixton, one of a handful of pet food advocates, provides a voice for consumers who would undoubtedly demand stricter regulations if they knew all the realities of the industry; and more importantly, she speaks for the animals who have no voice at all.


On her site, the advocate describes how she gets an inside look at the business, at times being privy to information that could be so detrimental to a brand, she is legally sworn to secrecy by representing lawyers. But she educates the public as much as she can, while taking a stance on behalf of consumers. “Several pet food consumer advocates (including myself) go to regulatory meetings and help provide consumers a voice with federal (FDA) and state regulatory authorities,” Thixton explains on her site.


While there may be information that she is not allowed to divulge, the advocate can tell consumers which pet foods are the healthiest in the market. For years, people continuously asked her what food they should be feeding their pets, so she created The List: a collection of dog and cat food brands whose health practices and benefits, she feels, can be trusted. “The List is not an endorsement of any pet food. It is a ‘list’ of pet foods that I personally would trust to feed my own pets based on my knowledge and experience in the pet food industry,” Thixton says.


The List is updated annually and can be purchased from an affordable $10 to a generous $50; the contribution amount is up to the buyer.


By selling information like this, Thixton makes her living so she can continue advocating for higher pet food standards, something that we consumers—and especially, our pets—depend on. “There is no job that provides me an income – this is it. I depend solely on the sale of products for and to pet food consumers (The List and Petsumer Report) to support myself,” she explains.


Because The List is based on Thixton’s insider knowledge and in no way influenced by brand advertisement, Open Farm is proud to have made the cut for 2016. Our product has been included in an extremely exclusive group: there were only 20 healthy dog foods that Thixton felt confident recommending to consumers on The List for 2016. Furthermore, Open Farm accounts for one of the three kibbles that were selected. Our food, which is grain-free, ethically sourced, and made with humanely raised meat, has succeeded in meeting standards for top-notch quality. We are honored to have been recognized by this highly experienced pet food advocate for having one of the healthiest dog food recipes out there.


You can access plenty of free information at, or purchase The List ( or Petsumer Report ( 

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