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Open Farm Goes Back To The Source

As pet owners and lovers ourselves, we have all heard horror stories about lax regulation in the pet food industry, a lack of traceability and what questionable ingredients can make their way into a pet’s food. We think it’s reasonable for pet parents to want access to information on where each ingredient, in every bag, of their pet’s food is coming from, and to be assured that it is coming from a good place.


As part of our ongoing commitment to be an ethically and sustainably raised and sourced pet food company, we believe that transparency plays a large part in providing a pet food that pet parents can trust and feel comfortable feeding their furry family members.


Our traceability feature provides a free and easy way for you to know where every ingredient in your pet’s food comes from, and is a first in the industry in terms of actually providing pet parents insight into where each ingredient in their bag of dog food comes from, down to the state or province where it was sourced. Here's how it works:


Step 1: Find out your lot code on the back of your Open Farm bag


Step 2: go to our website & click on “See What's in Your Bag



Step 3: simply Enter your lot code

Step 4: Discover the source of every ingredient in your bag of open farm





Our lot code feature also let's you see other information like whether ingredients are non-GMO, Seafood Watch Approved or a locally grown. You can also click to download a copy of our QC lab results for that specific run, showing that it was free from any pathogens. If you don’t currently have a bag of Open Farm, you can even click to see a real example of one of our bags.


Find out today where the ingredients in your pet’s bag of Open Farm comes from.

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