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The Ten Best (Worst) Cat Sweaters From Around the World

Why do the best and worst cat sweaters have places on this list? Because for true feline lovers, any cat sweater is worth wearing! From the cutesy, to the Christmassy, to the just plain silly, these are our favorite kitty-themed sweatshirts from shops around the world.


1. Cat Sweatshirt, iEDM

Any true cat-lover would wear this yummy astrological masterpiece with pride



2. Mewgaroo Hoodie, Japan Trend Shop

This sweatshirt includes a fleece-lined pouch for ultimate cat cuddling. Genius!


3. Cat Face Unisex Sweatshirt, Shakespeareteehouse via Amazon

Everyone knows that kitties have the most beautiful eyes. Wear these pretty peepers proudly!



4. Cat-tastic Sweatshirt, Etsy

Kittens? Cozy sweatshirts? Cat-tastic!



5. Meow Sweatshirt, PrettySucks

This Hamburg-based company appeals to feline fanatics with a message that’s short and sweet


6. Stop Stressing Meowt, Etsy

Love cats and puns? This sweatshirt is just purrrfect


7. Sorry, I can't I Have Plans with my Cat, Etsy 

Because you know you're thinking it, you might as well let the world know you'd rather hang with your cat


8. Cat Sweatshirt, The Hunt

When you love cats so much that you need a sweater of a cat wearing a sweater. This one is for you


9. Meowy Christmas Ugly Christmas SweaterEtsy

When it's that time of year to bring out your ugly sweater. Festivities and felines? Two of our favorite things to celebrate


10. Adorable Grumpy

Last but certainly not least, the sweater for the ultimate Grumpy Cat fan






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