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The Best of Dog Praising

“Dog shaming,” or posting a picture of your dog as he poses with a sign explaining his misbehavior,
became a social media trend. Sure, it gives us humans a chuckle. But while the naughty
antics of guilty pooches may be entertaining, the truth is, dogs are instinctive animals trying to
assimilate to a human’s world; no matter how much trouble they get into, their hearts are always
in the right place.

There’s no doubt that our canine companions love sharing a home with us, and since the feeling
is mutual, we should be spending more time praising rather than shaming them.

Dogs enhance our lives to the point that we can’t imagine living without them., so here are 10 of the best dog praising posts on the internet. 


1. It's the little things that can make us so proud of our pups




2. Sometimes it's the BIG things they do for us that make us realize how much of an impact they have in our lives, and thank you just doesn't cut it. 




3. Now THAT is something that deserves bragging rights!




4. A zen dog is a happy dog. Introducing: the upward facing human pose. Check out that form:



5. When 'Stay' starts to mean something, it's worth celebrating. 



6. Fetching slippers rather than chewing them? This pup deserves an extra treat!



7. A pup who’s this earth-friendly deserves a high-paw. 



8. And it looks like this little hunter has finally learned some self-control! (At least his prey was free-range…)



9. While all of our dogs are therapeutic, some go above and beyond to make our lives worth living.




10. When we post about dog praising, we get an excuse to brag about the dogs that we love, and help the ones in shelters find the forever homes that they deserve. Plus, a little positive reinforcement can go a long way!




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