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  • Photo By guinnessthegolden

    What's in your pets bowl?! Is #tastythursday a thing? As many of you know Guinness has been on @openfarmpet for a longtime! We did switch to raw food not to long ago but it was too hard on his stomach and he couldn't handle it(In no way are we bad talking raw, we loved the benefits of it) So we are back to our #1 Open farm! They only uses ethically raised and sourced ingredients! It's free of corn,wheat and soy! There is no artificial preservatives or flavouring and sooo many more things I could go on about!! We were lucky enough to get a sample of their new Freeze dried raw Surf and Turf recipe. You can use this a a meal mixer or meal replacer! It's got so many benefits like humanely raised meats, organic leafy green and organic pumpkin! For some extra nutritional benefit EVERY blend is topped off with superfood ingredients like coconut oil and turmeric! All you do is scoop add water and serve! How easy is that?! We use it as a meal topper for some extra flavour and nutrition and Guinness is LOVING it!! Head over to @openfarmpet to learn more and don't be afraid to ask them questions they are super helpful and very knowledgable!

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  • Photo By alicee_the_boxer

    Obsessed with my new @openfarmpet cod skins #humanesustainable #dogtreats #dogs #dog #dogsofinstagram #doggo #dogsgram #boxersofinstagram #boxerdog #openfarm #dogoftheday #mtldogs #dogofmontreal #mtlmoments

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  • Photo By cleanmade

    Ethically sourced from farm to bowl pet food, @openfarmpet is the new standard in clean pet food. You can literally enter a Lot Code to trace each ingredient in your bag back to the source. Plus our dogs love 'em.

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  • Photo By benek_the_dog

    I went to do some shopping at @petstuffusa today. Got this yumminess from @openfarmpet and... love it, woof! It is ethically sourced from farm to bowl and tastes as good as what my pawmom makes ud83dude0d- but shush, don't tell her!

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  • Photo By myrtleandvine

    We had so much fun at @montecitopetshop's 30th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday. As I've said before, a holistic lifestyle extends to my boys. If you're looking to improve your pet's health and increase longevity, check out @openfarmpet's grain-free formula, made with 100% Certified Humane meats, Ocean Wise recommended wild-caught fish and locally grown, non-GMO fruits & veggies. Thanks again for the amazing package, Open Farm and Montecito Pet Shop!

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  • Photo By mr.marcel

    We've recently switched our food to @openfarmpet and we're obsessed! I've never been a pup to eat all my meals and since I started eating the turkey freeze dried raw recipe, I haven't skipped a meal. The dobies are eating the wild caught salmon grain free kibble recipe, and while they aren't too picky, they have never drooled so much waiting for food.

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  • Photo By thebugg_and_boggs

    We recently had the chance to sample a bag of the new @openfarmpet Freeze Dried Raw, it's been a HUGE hit at dinner time! our boys usually eat kibble with a mixer of wet food at dinner, they always get some fresh raw veggies and a few supplements like a mineral boost a coconut and or herring/salmon oil, some organic kifir milk. The Freeze Dried Raw option is easy to prepare, I have been adding water to it a bit before dinner and their vegetables if the day along with their supplements. I have to say I have never seen Odie so excited for dinner time EVER he literally dances around waiting for me to serve it, this is amazing for us as Odie can be extremely picky at meal time. Boggs can sometimes have a very sensitive tummy and he does great on this, no extra bloating or extra flatulence which is great for him. Other than it being easy to prepare, it also has a pleasant smell and is a great option to try without having to go full raw, especially for us living in a small town where full raw meals are hard to find. This is going to be a must have in our dinner line up.

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  • Photo By nuomikitty

    Mommy bought me new food @openfarmpet oh yeah! Both flavors taste so good! The only concern is, I am getting heavier.#neko #meow #ragdollworld #9gag #catloversclub #Ragdoll_Feature

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  • Photo By benjimillerthedog

    We love @openfarmpet! They have other delicious flavors too, go grab yours if you haven't!

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  • Photo By lil_pickles_da_pug

    I've recently been trying out this tasty new food from @openfarmpet Freeze Dried Raw Grass-Fed Beef Recipe and I gotta say, I love it! You can use it as a full meal or a meal mixer (I've been using it as a mixer). You just add some water and stir it into your regular food or use it as a complete meal. Super easy and super delicious! Smells quite pleasant too! I highly recommend trying it! 5 pickle-stars for sure!

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